How many disasters we the Japanese has been confronting to during the period of recovery from the enormous earthquake and tsunami struck the Northeast part of Japan in 2011; another seismic damage and volcanic eruption in Nagano 2014, gigantic mudflow in Hiroshima 2014 as well, and gargantuan flood in Ibaraki in 2015. These are only a few examples. 

And this week, again, Japan has to be faced with another tragedy, tremendous earthquakes in the Southern region of Japan. Thousands of casualities has already been reported. 

As an ex-firefighter and a student learning about disaster management, such kinda situation is just impatient and not being able to stand still, however warm messages and phone calls from my friends have made my feeling warm. Let me express many thanks to those who have consideration about Japan.

I mourn for people who lost their lives with this tragedy, and wish their families, friends and people injured would get heeled as soon as possible. 

I do believe that Japan will rise up against this nightmare as we have done so in our history.